Pub Theology

God, Friends and Brews...

Curious about what other people are thinking about the news, the big questions of life, or about perhaps even religion? Want to meet some new people in the big city of Toronto? Perhaps you would like to sample the latest IPO with friends? Well then, join us at The Duke of Kent, every Wednesday at 8:30 pm., at 2315 Yonge St., just north of Eglinton.  

What happens? We sit around a table sipping our brew while reflecting on a prepared list of questions, like, “Is Karma a thing?” or “Is it true that I can do anything I set my heart on?” or “What will it take to treat Canada’s First Nations the way they deserve?” Suggest your own topics for the next meeting.  

Pub Theology is open to persons of all faiths or none at all. We’re there to listen and to talk, but not to proselytize. If you’re hungry, order a meal too.  

Come by yourself, or take a friend. Most people who join us are young professionals or university students. When you get to the door, ask the host where we are—usually on the second floor. Sometimes it gets a bit loud—but it’s a bar, right? If you would like more information, contact Rhiannon at [email protected]