'All In' Sundays!

'All In' Sundays!

Worship for all ages, all people, all together.

Once a month we have "All In Sundays." At these services, all ages are encourgaged to join us  for the whole service time. Youth and Children help to pick the sermon topic and help with the volunteer positions such as reading scripture, and greeting everyone at the door. The music is especially exciting on these days with guest musicians, youth involvement, and special choral arrangments. We use skits and vignettes to help visually illustrate the sermons, and keep the congregation engaged throughout the hour. We strive for culturally diverse, and radically inclusive themes that help grow our understanding and community.

Afterwards we have a community lunch! All are welcome to join us for a fantastic and healthy meal to share with friends and neighbours. We aim to build and celebrate community and connection, and what better way than through food! Join us on these special Sundays, and talk to us about how you can get involved too!


Simple medicine wheel

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