Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

We do Sunday School! While parents enjoy worship, our Children’s Ministry leader, Sharon Macdonald, teaches children Bible stories in a relaxed, cheerful setting. Kids get to know other church members and visitors.  

Our curriculum is A Joyful Path. Progressive in theology, informative, and engaging, the curriculum connects children to their own inner wisdom as they learn about Jesus and the difference he makes in today’s world. This behaviour-over-belief curriculum teaches interdependence, self awareness, respect for nature, stillness, forgiveness, prayer, meditation, and integrity. You can learn more about this curriculum at

On Sundays, children begin the service in the sanctuary, and then leave together for Sunday School after a brief word from the minister. If you have questions about the program, feel free to contact Sharon MacDonald at [email protected]



Teaching Children Beyond the Borders

This school year I wanted to offer something new to Sunday school. Typically we focus our lessons on biblical stories from the Old and New Testaments. During the fall our lessons each week focused on favourite... Read More