Welcome to Lawrence Park Community Church.

Smart sermons, great music, and a passion for justice. That’s what we’re about.

Where are we? Well, physically we’re located in North Toronto, in the Lawrence Park neighbourhood, but we also live, hang out, pray, talk and explore online. We are an affirming congregation, which means we welcome people of all genders, sexualities and abilities.

We’re a vibrant congregation of people who like to ask questions, and push our faith to be relevant to life in our times. We like to ask questions, talk about difficult issues, and make a difference to our lives and the lives of others.

So, we have online groups that delve into the Bible to discover its wisdom, which is often buried in stories that seem impossible. These discussions are called The Bible for Busy People, and we meet twice a month online, at two different times.

We also explore social justice issues, in theory and in practice:

We have regular discussion groups about issues like anti-Black racism, Canada’s relationship with Indigenous people, and those who are oppressed for their gender/sexuality and different abilities. These groups discuss books, movies and talk with guest speakers. For the past 18 months this has happened live online via Zoom.

We also like to put our money and labour where our faith leads us. That means helping people in the local homeless shelter get household goods for when they get apartments ( this is the Welcome Basket project). In 2021, we fed over a hundred families in a neighbourhood hard hit by Covid, and then led a project to deliver 400 backpacks loaded with school supplies for their kids. We have also been delivering hot meals to a shelter for youth.

We like to know what’s going on, and then step in to help, and be in relationship with the people we are helping.

Like most churches, we worship every Sunday morning. We value smart sermons that wrestle with the Bible and apply it to the modern world in a way that is insightful and useful. We have a great music program, with live musicians and singers. We broadcast our services from our beautiful, modern sanctuary, and we have congregants in house when allowed. You can check out past services on our YouTube channel, and past sermons on our website ( you can also read them there).

We also gather to worship and be in community during the week online. On Mondays, there is a very popular meditation group. Every Wednesday at 3 pm there is a short prayer service held via Zoom, so people can add their prayers, and talk afterwards. On Thursdays, there’s a live hymn sing, which features a very eclectic variety of music, stretching the definition of what qualifies as spiritual music in really interesting ways. Fill your kitchen with your voice! On Tuesday mornings, there is a drop in chat. All of these events are held live on Zoom so everyone can participate.

And we have a podcast that comes out a few times a month. In it, I, Rev. Stephen Milton, talk to people about justice, spirituality, current events, and what it would take to make this world more fair and just. It is called The Rooster Crows LPCC podcast, and can be found on Spotify, Google Play and Apple, as well as on our website.

We also have a very active social media presence, so please check us out on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

So, feel free to look at what we’re like by browsing our website, our YouTube Channel and our social media. It would be lovely to meet you live at one of our online gatherings, too. And if you just want to talk to get to know more about us, please send me an email. I hope you find something here that ignites one of your passions.

Peace be with you,

Rev. Stephen Milton