Welcome to Lawrence Park Community Church.

If you’re church shopping, there are lots of ways to see what we're like. We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. in-person, and also live on Zoom. Our services are also recorded, so you can check us out anytime on our YouTube channel.

We are an affirming church, a member of the United Church of Canada. By affirming, we mean that we welcome people of all kinds to our services, and as ministers - all genders, sexualities, races and abilities. If you are queer, you are welcome here as you are. 

Sunday mornings, we gather at 10:30 a.m. for a service which usually runs about an hour and ten minutes. Our lead minister is  Rev. Stephen Milton, who preaches and presides. He is joined by our Pastoral Care Minister, Dr Rev. Eric Bacon, and our Young Adults Minister, Rev. Roberta Howey. We  have a large choir of up to thirty singers, including five soloists.  They lead us in hymns, and wow us weekly with beautiful anthems and solos chosen from the best of traditional and modern Christian music. Our Music Director, Dr Daniel Rubinoff, is a gifted organist, saxophone player and jazz pianist. He makes sure that the musical selections reflect a broad range of spiritual music, and borrows from secular music, too.

Social Justice: We are a progressive church with a strong social justice focus in our sermons, and in our church activities. Our goal is to discover how Christian wisdom can help us navigate and improve the modern world, especially for those who are feeling lost or are marginalized. Our practical social justice work focuses on helping to settle refugees, help the homeless get housing, feed homeless youth in shelters, volunteer in out of the cold programs, and aid nearby marginalized communities with food drives and educational resources. 

Young Adults - We have a ministry specifically tailored to people in their 20s+30s called The Front Porch Community. This community meets online and in person, usually in the evenings, once or twice a month. Many of our Front Porch members do not attend Sunday morning church services at all - and that's okay. We get that Sunday morning services are not for everyone. The Front Porch is led by Rev. Roberta Howey, and you can learn more about it here on its web page. You can also check us out on Instagram and TikTok. 

More than Sunday morning: Our church is a very busy place, both in the building, and within our congregation. We offer many programs live online, which can be found on the front page of this website. Meditation, Tai Chi, Hymn Sings, Bible Study, Book Clubs, Faith Exploration and Social Justice discussions - we are very active online during the weekdays, both during the day and at night. We've decided that geography doesn't matter - if you live in another town, but like to participate in our online activities and services, then please do so. This is the 21st century, afterall. 

Pastoral Care: Dr Rev. Eric Bacon is our pastoral care minister. He keeps in touch with the congregation, and performs many of our funerals. 

Sunday School:   Each week, the kids join us for the first part of the service, receive a children’s time sermon from one of the ministers . The kids then go upstairs for Sunday school ( or attend on zoom, it varies).  It is a warm program focused on learning Bible stories, and learning about nature and meditation.   

We hope you’ll drop by and take a look for yourselves sometime soon. We’d love to meet with you and get to know you. If you would like to talk to the minister before or after coming, they would love to hear from you. Stephen can be reached at stephen@lawrenceparkchurch.ca 

We hope that you find what you are looking for. Peace be with you. - Rev. Stephen Milton