The purpose of this Constitution for Lawrence Park Community Church (“LPCC” or the
“Church”) is to describe the Mission and Vision of LPCC and, against that backdrop, to
define the governing structure of LPCC and to set out the general principles and policies by
which LPCC will be governed.

In drawing up and adopting this Constitution, the Congregation of LPCC is cognizant that
two critical factors in our success in fulfilling this Mission are:

1. Strong Ministerial and Lay leadership to guide and direct us.
2. The broadest and deepest participation of our members in all our efforts to fulfill our Mission.

We think of ourselves as “united, unlimited, and unorthodox."

United in that we are committed to each other’s well-being and doing good things together for the benefit of our neighbours.

We are unorthodox in that we invite seekers, those with different opinions, and those looking for a church where theology is a playground rather than a battlefield.

We are unlimited too, always open to new ideas and programs that will help our church be a stronger presence in our community.

Please download a copy of the LPCC Constitution located below.