Currently we are meeting online and in-person for Sunday Services. Please check out event page and you will find the Sunday Service page with Zoom link.

About Lawrence Park Community Church

Lawrence Park Community Church is friendly. Our diverse congregation knows how to welcome newcomers, help them fit in, and leave them wanting to come back soon. We are radically inclusive and affirming.

Our approach to the Christian faith is progressive and contemporary. We worship a God who is more “within and among” us than “beyond.” We proclaim Jesus as our Way to life, even while recognizing that he is not the only way.

We think of ourselves as “united, unlimited, and unorthodox."

United in that we are committed to each other’s well-being and doing good things together for the benefit of our neighbours.

We are unorthodox in that we invite seekers, those with different opinions, and those looking for a church where theology is a playground rather than a battlefield.

We are unlimited too, always open to new ideas and programs that will help our church be a stronger presence in our community.

Lawrence Park Community Church has a strong choir. Members are welcome to join! We enjoy exploring a wide variety of musical genres in our worship.

We meet in a beautiful sanctuary that was recently renovated. Our building is used everyday by many community groups. And our staff is available, friendly, and excited about their work.

Join us for Sunday worship at 10:30 am. We’re looking for you!