What's Even More Miraculous than Jesus' Miracles?

The second most common reason that Canadians lie awake at night, at least according to an Abacus poll from last year, is Health Care.             Fully fourteen percent of Canadians (compared to over 50% in the United States) sometimes lie awake worrying about health care: whether they will get it, whether it will... Read More


Entrepreneurial Wisdom for Churches

 I was invited to speak to a seminary class at Emmanuel College at the UofT a few weeks ago, on the theme, “Entrepreneurship in Ministry.” It was fun. The students asked good questions. Just before I was ready to go, I shared this list of “ten true statements” that ministers need to keep in mind, these days—and... Read More


Wish I Could Be Afraid

I wish I could be afraid. Like Peter was afraid, once.It happened this way. One day, after a fruitless night of fishing, Jesus told Peter to throw the nets out on the other side of the boat. Peter thought, "No way. Wrong place; Wrong time." But to humor Jesus — who had, after all, just healed his mother-in-law —... Read More


Yonge Street and the Weakness of God

I have been miserable for weeks. Too much tragedy striking close to home. First there was the Humboldt Broncos bus accident that killed sixteen people connected to that team. Then, barely two weeks later, the murder of ten people on Yonge St.Why does God, if God is in control, allow such tragedies? Why do some... Read More

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