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Episode 4 of Justice Matters looks at how two vulnerable populations are being affected by Covid-19: homeless people in encampments, and the working poor. Our contributors are Rev. Evan Smith of the Toronto Urban Native Ministry, and Suzanne Robertson, a spiritual care practitioner who works in the Covid-19 ICU in a major hospital in Toronto. Follow us on Facebook. Downloadable clips are available below. 

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1) Are homeless encampments a Covid-19 infection risk

In this segment from Justice Matters, Rev. Evan Smith explains how in partnership with Women's College Hospital of Toronto, the homeless encampment next to the Eaton centre was recently tested for Covid-19.

2) Income and race among Covid-19 patients in the ICU

Suzanne Robertson is a spiritual care practitioner who attends very ill and dying covid-19 patients in one of Toronto's hospitals. In this report, she shares what she is seeing there, and reflects on the role of income and race in determining who ends up in the ward.