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The Tall Tales Story Game starts this week, and will continue through Lent, until Easter Sunday. You are invited to contribute 3 sentences to a fun story written by all of us! We’ve started the “story” with 3 sentences and now it’s left dangling for the next contributor to add the next 3 sentences. We’ll publish the on-going story in our Monday and Friday Updates. So stay tuned to the unfolding saga! The story will surely have as many twists and turns as there will be contributors.

Allison is going to start off the story with:

"Carl secretly liked the lockdown.  It gave him a convenient way to keep his anonymity and avoid the pesky questions from his neighbours.   Little did he know when he stepped out his door that morning that he’d encounter…"

Email Allison at [email protected] if you’d like to participate and she’ll cue you when it’s your turn to contribute your 3 lines. 

Let the storytelling begin!