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Rev. Stephen will be holding a discussion on this initiative which  aims to give Indigenous members their own space where they can manage their affairs, worship, and carry out their spiritual practices according to their unique traditions and cultural heritage. It's like creating a dedicated branch within the church that is led by Indigenous people themselves, ensuring that their voices are heard, respected, and given authority in matters that affect them directly. This move is significant because it recognizes the importance of cultural and spiritual autonomy, and it's a step towards reconciling past injustices and building a more inclusive and respectful church community.

This is a Category 3 Remit, and so requires a vote by each pastoral charge's governing body. If a pastoral charge does not register a vote, that is considered a vote against the proposal.

Our recent Town Hall Remit Information Session recording can be found here, along with other resources about the remit to remove structural barriers to developing and sustaining an autonomous Indigenous church (also known as Remit 1). Please see our website for learning resources and other information about this remit.

For background information about this remit, a study guide, response forms for pastoral charges and more, please see the General Council 44 website. Questions can be e-mailed to

LPCC will be voting on this on February 27 at our next council meeting. The return deadline is March 31, 2024. Your attention to this important work is greatly appreciated.


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Meeting ID 858 9089 7194