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LPCC Closed to the public until April 6th.


As followers of Jesus, we take seriously our responsibility to seek healing for our neighbours and the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be an occasion where we need to take this healing responsibility very seriously and personally. For that reason, the council of LPCC has decided to suspend all church-led activities, including worship, until we are sure that meeting together is once again safe. This suspension will take effect on Saturday, March 14th.


We have decided that to suspend our activities for at least as long as the Toronto District School Board decides to suspend primary and secondary education classes in the city. We will also be paying close attention to the United Church’s national office for its advice, and to the Toronto Department of Health for its directives.


Lawrence Park Community Church is not the only organization or church that is suspending its meetings at this time. We are all aware of how the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a wave of event cancellations across the country. Major league sports to minor league hockey have been shut down. Many businesses are asking employees to work from home. Universities have switched to online instruction. Every morning brings news of further cancellations, travel warnings, and health instructions. It seems prudent, then, for the sake of the health and well being of our members, many of whom are older and vulnerable to the virus, to follow society’s lead in this matter.

Over the next few weeks, we will stay in close touch with members about ongoing developments. We will also live-stream, on the internet, both Morning Worship and Soul Table services, filmed without live audiences present. Prayers, music, scripture, and a message will be a part of Sunday morning live-stream events. News about our LPCC community will be shared on our webpage, via livestreaming , the Friday Update and Soul Table’s weekly email.

Instructions for how to log into our live-streamed services can be found on the front page of our website Sunday mornings (, starting on March 15th. If you have not yet signed up for our Friday Update, now would be a good time to do so. Send an mail to Allison Earl at to be added to the list.

If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to email the chair of council, Marilyn Bacon, at; or, the chair of our Property and Finance Committee, John Elder, at; or, Rev. Stephen Milton at

Please visit the church website for updates, and we will be in touch via email as well. Thank you for your patience. We may not be able to meet in person, but please know our faith is strong and will be source of comfort and support as we help each other through these extraordinary times. As it says in our creed, “We are not alone, we live in God’s world.”

Peace be with you,
Stephen Milton
John Suk