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On May 19th, LPCC installed 26 multi-coloured crosses on our northeast lawn. This symbolic graveyard has been erected to express our church’s sympathy for all those who have suffered, and died from Covid-19 in the past year.

Under normal circumstances, churches are a place where people can grieve, lament and express their sorrow. For safety reasons, churches like ours have moved our services online, so public gatherings such as funerals and vigils have not been possible. This graveyard is meant to be our expression of sorrow and solidarity for all those who have suffered loss. 

The crosses are multi-coloured to reflect the fact that this pandemic has affected our city according to race and economic situation, not just age. Racialized people make up over three quarters of all people who are infected with this disease in Toronto. This is a problem our city must work to solve. The number of crosses reflects how many people have typically died each day in Ontario over the past few months. Sometimes it is more, other times it is less. Even one is too many. 

This project was created by Lawrence Park Community Church. Please feel free to leave flowers and other signs of remembrance for people you have lost or who have suffered from this terrible disease.  We offer these crosses as a prayer for all those whose lives have been harmed by this pandemic. 

Reverend Stephen Milton

Reverend Dr John Suk