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Here's another offering from my niece, Amber Earl, who penned the poem "Wait", when I asked her how this pandemic was sitting with her back in April.

Last week she underwent sudden, triple bypass surgery - at 45 years old. This piece was what came 3 days later, Meaningful in more ways than one! She inspires me and I asked her if I could share it. She was happy to oblige.  

I hope it inspires you too.
The heart is a fragile thing
its scars a skip of measured beats and steps
in a life spent searching
for you

in your faded denim and stoic nonchalance
my heart skipped that third beat
and never stood a chance

My heart is a patchwork thing
I am pieces of pieces
not quite ready to be discarded
sewn and stitched at my seams

and this body is a fierce thing
the scars and skips, and stitches and seams
are so much more than the fragile heart
which is, and shall be yours

                          by Amber Earl