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Lawrence Park Community Church is grappling with “what’s next?” And we ought to be! These are very challenging times for churches of all stripes. Attendance is down all across the country. Many UCC congregations such as ours are fighting to survive and not making it. But we intend to thrive!  

To that end, this past spring, council approved a Strategic Initiatives Plan (click on this link to read it!). Council also agreed that besides the congregational discussions we’ve already had about the plan this past year, we should meet together to discuss it again this fall before it is presented to the entire congregation for approval. So note these dates!  

Summer 2017 – We’ve been reviewing one value a week this summer by writing notes recognizing members that exemplify them. These values that we chose as a congregation on our Values Sunday are at the root of our strategic plan. Look for the “big board,” in the Gathering Hall on Sunday morning!  

Sunday, Sept 24 – All members are invited to attend another church this Sunday. Before you do, we’ll provide a list of churches that are interesting to us because they are doing interesting things to stay relevant. LPCC will also provide you with a list of questions we have about those churches that we hope you will answer to help us discuss what you learned. We will have a service here at LPCC for those members who can’t make it to another church, Then . . .  

Sunday, October 1 – It’s World Communion Sunday, and during the service we’ll also have time to discuss what we saw on Sept 24.  

Sunday, November 5 – We’ll meet after church to discuss the plan and to answer questions from the floor about the plan. If you can’t make it that Sunday, we’ll do the same on . . .  

Monday, November 6 – A second opportunity to discuss the plan, if enough members request it.  

Sunday, November 19 – We will decide, at a congregational meeting after church, whether or not to approve the Strategic Initiatives Plan.              

The plan is both big and bold. It fits us, our aspirations, and our desire to be United, Unorthodox, and Unlimited. Our plan is profoundly Christian, and relates well to people here and now. Our hope, as the council of LPCC—and my hope, as your minister—is that you will familiarize yourself with the plan by reading it, and that you will participate in our discussions as we consider adopting the plan!  


John Suk  

PS: If you would like to discuss the plan with me, privately, please feel free to do so. You can schedule some time to meet with me by sending an email to I welcome all input!!