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Today's prayer:

Loving God, we feel like we are baby Moses in a basket, floating down a river. Our regular life seems behind us, and we truly do not know where we are going. As we are carried downstream, we are greeted by a gorgeous summer. The weather is warm, sunny, with little rain. It is exactly what we dream of, all winter long. For this we are grateful. But as we float along in the sunshine, we know that this is a time of death and danger. The ravages of the virus have subsided some here; a few of our hospitals no longer have covid cases in their ICUs. For this we are profoundly grateful. Yet we know that not far from here, other nations struggle to deal with this virus - divided by bitterness, doubt and resistance. We pray for them to come together, to choose peace and care for each other. We pray for the spiritual values of love to triumph over the old enemy of fear and hatred.

And we must admit, God, we, too have fear. We have no idea what the future looks like anymore. Will we be wearing masks when we do our Christmas shopping? Will we wear masks at school and church? Will our friends and relatives get infected? Will we? How long will this last? We have no idea. As we float down this strange river, we ask for your protection and courage. Open our hearts to your guidance, please lend us your strength when ours fails.

When Moses was saved from the river, it took the rich and the poor to do it. Against all odds, they came together to save him. Is this what you want for us, Lord? To come together, to hear each other, to help each other? We pray for your help to guide us into a more just future, where all voices are heard, from the homeless camp to the homes of the wealthy. Faced by a common enemy, let us respond with a common desire for justice and compassion for all. Help us to come out of this strange river, stronger and more compassionate than when we started this journey.