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What keeps Canadians awake at night?  According to recent Abacus polls, the three things we worry about most are 1) the economy, 2) health care, and 3) poverty.

Over three Sundays (January 21, 28 and February 4) the sermons at Lawrence Park Community Church will explore each of these concerns.

How? Well, with respect to the economy we'll take a look at what is sometimes known as the Parable of the Rich Fool. Except that it's really a parable about anyone who believes "It's the economy, stupid!".  On health care Sunday, the scripture will be Jesus' healing of a man born blind - a healing that took quite a bit of time to get right. That story is found in Mark 8. Finally, when it comes to poverty, we'll explore what it means that the poor are always with us.

We always have coffee before and after services.  If you join us, we'll make you feel welcomed.  We're affirming, fun-loving, curious, and relaxed.  Join us for a Sunday out of the ordinary!