Acts 2:41 - 46(a)

This Sunday is Commonwealth of Jesus Sunday, perhaps better known by it's older and less appropriate monarchial name Reign of Christ Sunday, and is the end of the liturgical year in the church's calendar. Next week we begin the year again with the anticipation of Jesus' birth in Advent.

This Sunday is also Lawrence Park Community Church's Anniversary Sunday, and this year we are celebrating 71 years. These two occasions prompt us to remember the good old times, and reflect on all that has come before us. But as we do those things, and give thanks for the gifts we have received by them, it is also very important to maintain the the passion for moving forward, growing, and adapting with the now. This morning Rev. Eric Bacon reflects on how to respect and give thanks for the past, and how we should not simply dwell there, but use it to propel us forward into our future.