Luke 7:18b-23

Today our own Sue Thompson and Janet Maclaren joined us to share some very special presentations.

Sue participated in a walk this past summer from New York to Toronto in support of Parkinson's Disease awareness and research. Sue herself has early onset Parkinson's. She shared her experiences on that walk and the amazing transformations it has brought to her life. She challenged us to learn the real face of Parkinson's and see the strength and ability that each of us has in different ways.

Janet Maclaren has been working with the L'Arche Community in Canada for the past 5 years. She shared the joy in this community and the amazing things that happen because of it. L'Arche brings together people with intellectual disabilities with people who don't so that they can live full lives  together, and grow and learn from each other. They have over 150 communities worldwide. LPCC will be supporting L'Arche through our second collection program through February.

Rev. John also had some strong words for us today. Connecting the two guest speakers, John challenged us to consider what we see in our lives, in other people, in situations, and look deeper. We know that we're all human on the inside, that we all seek relationships and a sense of belonging. But we still need reminding to look for that human bit inside everyone. So while we may see what's on the outside, we need to open our eyes and look a little deeper into everyone.