Exodus 3:1-15

For our first service in our Canadian Music Series, we're celebrating the music of Canada's First Nations. Our friend Kenny Kirkwood was here to help bring in some culture from the Haudenosaunee people of the Six Nations in the Grand River Territory where he works with at risk youth in after school music programs.

So what do we talk about on a Sunday dedicated to the music and culture of Canada's First Nations? Well we at first asked Rev. Norm Casey, a well known Mi'kmaq Anglican priest, to come and preach to us, but he suggested that we needed to do something first. He wants us to come visit him on the reserve in Grand River, and make a connection between our groups first. He wants to see that we are truly curious about Native culture. So we talked about that divine sort of curiosity, and what it takes to develop a truly loving relationship with others through curiosity. Take a look and listen, and then plan to join us in the Fall when we take a trip up to Grand River.