Romans 12:9-17

The fourth in a four part series on Patriotism.

What do we do about refugees who come across our border without filling out the paperwork? This has been in the news recently. At LPCC we are sponsoring a family from Syria, and after two years of waiting they are still not here. This is deeply frustrating to us, and many other Canadians in the same boat. But what is really going on? It's all very complicated. Where should our hearts be? The bottom line is every single refugee, no matter if they are filling out forms and waiting in a semi-safe location for their lives to begin again in a new country, or if they are fleeing danger now and risking their lives to cross our borders for safety here, every single one of them are human and therefore have the right to safety as any other human. Refugees, in all their forms, are an invitation to us to fully live out Jesus' call to action, to live a life of radical love.