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Something Strange is Happening
Something Strange is Happening
As we pushed up through the Earth
To open our petals,
so many have stopped
to smell us.
So many have stopped
to take our picture.
So many are walking by,
every day.
Are all the days Sunday now?
Did humans decide to relax?
Do family walks matter now?
Strangers smile and say hello
To each other as they pass by.
That didn’t happen last spring.
So many dogs out for walks.
Are masters kinder now?
So many people tending us,
Clearing up their gardens.
Has the calm we bring
Finally caught on?
Have doctors prescribed
more nature,
more walks?
More attention to
we silent, beautiful ones?
I don’t know why everyday has become Sunday
Perhaps humans needed more Sundays
To learn how to live the other days.
Go ahead, take my picture again.
It’s nice to see you, too.
Rev. Stephen Milton