Medical Assistance in Dying: Part One

 Medical Assistance in Dying: Part One with Rev. Roberta, Dying with Dignity, and Janice Craig


Talking about death is always an awkward subject for us in today's society. There are hundreds of things we would rather talk about. But that is the struggle with death; the conversations are never convenient and always incredibly important. Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is one such conversation that we should have. It is an increasingly common option for Canadians, at the same time that our population is aging and we deal with the Covid era. 

Today we are joined by Susan Desjardins of Dying with Dignity, and Janice Craig, the Bereavement Coordinator of Kawartha Lakes.  

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Co-Hosts Roberta Howey and Stephen Milton

This episode is written, hosted, and edited by Roberta Howey  

Lawrence Park Community Church

Dying With Dignity

Kawartha Lakes Hospice Care