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In this week's episode of Justice Matters, we hear from frontline workers who are helping people in homeless tent encampments; people just released from prison into the pandemic; and those who find that being homeless is even harder now. With reports from Thea Prescod of Sanctuary Toronto, Amber Kellen of The John Howard Society of Toronto, and Marie MacCormack of the Fred Victor Centre. Full Episodes and individual reports of Justice Matters can be downloaded below.

Individual Epicodes are:

Thea Prescod, pandemic manager of Sanctuary Toronto - Why do some homeless people in Toronto choose to live in encampments during the pandemic, rather than shelters? That's what The Prescod speaks about in this video. She is the pandemic manager at Sanctuary Toronto, an organization in downtown Toronto which helps the homeless, and has an encampment on their site.

Amber Kellen of the John Howard Society - Toronto jails have been releasing more incarcerated people to allow for social distancing within prisons. But what's it like to be released during a pandemic? 

Marie MacCormack of the Fred Victor Centre  - tells us what she saw this week as homeless people and those of low income have struggled to survive during the pandemic in Toronto. Service shut downs, such as libraries, and even coffee shops, make life much harder than usual.