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Episode 2: Tenants and the Homeless during the Pandemic. Almost half of all people in Toronto rent their housing, and for many of them, the pandemic and its economic toll has been a serious challenge to their wellbeing; another 9000 or more are completely homeless. In this episode of "Justice Matters," we hear from a street nurse, Liz Tevlin, a lawyer who works with tenants, Benjamin Ries, and Angie Hocking, who runs the outreach project to the homeless at Church of the Redeemer in the heart of downtown. They tell us what they saw this week, and how the rest of us can help. Individual clips are available for download below.  Videos produced by Lawrence Park Community Church of Toronto.


1) How is the Pandemic effecting Tenants in Toronto

Nearly half of all Torontonians rent, and many pay over fifty percent of their income to landlords. How are these people faring during the pandemic when jobs are disappearing? Benjamin Ries is a lawyer who defends tenants. he works for U of T's legal aid clinic, Downtown Legal Services. 

2) Street Nurse talks about the Pandemic's effect on Homeless in Toronto

How is the pandemic affecting the poor and marginalized in Toronto? Liz Tevlin is a street nurse who works for Toronto's Street Health. She shares her experiences this week caring for the homeless and under housed.

3) Angie Hocking is the director of Outreach at Church of the Redeemer in downtown Toronto. She shares what she has seen this week during the pandemic - how it is affecting the homeless, and what people can do to help.