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In April of 2021, the City of Toronto tried to estimate how many people were experiencing homelessness on a single day. This video uses the data from that study to examine what the actual number might be.

How You Can Help?
January 2022

Advocates for the homeless are asking the City to provide an extra 2000 beds, and to stop tearing down encampments, since the disease is in so many of the shelters. I hope we will learn from past mistakes and be more open minded in our approach to these issues. Otherwise, we may wake up to this situation again and again – entertaining in a movie, but dreadful in real life.
If you have tents, sleeping bags or warm coats that you would like to give to those who cannot find a bed in a shelter, they can be dropped off at Church of the Holy Trinity (behind Eaton Centre) - Mon-Friday between 10-3 pm and Sanctuary (Charles East of Yonge) - Tuesdays between 1130-230pm or Thursdays between 530-830 pm.