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When I was young, they
Were like gods in boxes.
Comics and old stars
on Hollywood Squares.
Has-beens and failed actors,
but I didn’t know. They 
knew all the answers, or 
were funny when they didn’t.
Now all of us star
on that show, daily.
Wall Street and Bay Street
as a zoom game show.
Our heads locked in
boxes, peppered with
questions, but we don’t
get them in advance.
And our show is a hit.
It’s on all the channels.
Warhol saw it coming
But got the math wrong.
Is this our work afterlife?
Are we child-stars,
all grown up, matinee idols
and comics past our prime?
Perhaps a cosmic teenager
is watching, this show that
is on all channels. Or is it
just History channel flipping?
Or perhaps the Universe is
telling us that only laughter will
get us through this. Be funny,
make light of this darkness.
Contestants used to ask the
stars for help to answer
questions. Truth through
co-operation and humour.
The studio audience has
taken over this show.
Time to become the people
we would like to watch.
Rev. Stephen Milton
July 11, 2020