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    Whoa! It’s an Amazing Strategic Plan! (And You Can Participate.)              

Lawrence Park Community Church voted, last month, to proceed with a new Strategic Plan. So, what’s next? Maybe, your involvement! Here’s a summary of the plan.              

The Strategic Plan has three parts. We will enhance our morning worship experience with even more top shelf music, as well as with liturgical dance and a continued Arts emphasis. We will also begin a second worship community that meets around food, secular (but spiritual) music, and small groups. Finally, LPCC will continue to encourage members to use the church as a platform for their own outreach and social justice projects.              

But here’s the fun part! We are recruiting individuals to join a second worship community “launch team.” This group of six to eight people will immerse themselves in the tasks that lead to a successful launch in the Fall of 2019. They will search for a new minister and community engagement person, define the shape of the experience, and decide on music, times, and marketing.

  We are looking for seminarians, for long-term members with marketing or contemporary music experience, event planners, and marketers to join the launch team. Launch Team members do not have to be LPCC members. They must be ready for a volunteer adventure! If joining our team interests you, send John Suk an email at  

            Stay tuned. More updates will follow!