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In the summer of 2023, Africa refugees coming to Toronto found themselves without a place to stay. The shelter system was full, and so many were forced to sleep outside, in parks and on the sidewalk outside 129 Peter Street, the intake office for the shelter system. A number of courageous and generous Black churches came forward and allowed them to sleep in their churches, with help from other churches who provided food, funding and other necessities. What went wrong? That's what this online talk is about, hosted by the Roehampton Friendlies of the North Toronto Cluster of churches in Toronto ( Three speakers provide their perspectives on the causes of the crisis, and what should happen next: Mismak Taame Hagos is a refugee rights advocate with UNHCR; Miriam Kutesa is an elder at the Dominion International Church, where hundreds of refugees have been staying since the summer. And our final speaker will be Nicole Williams-Stupar, who works in the Shelter, Housing and support administration with the city of Toronto.